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The Africa at LSE blog is part of the LSE Africa Centre which was launched in April 2016. Visit the website to find out more about the Centre’s purpose and activities.

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Here is a list of universities in USA and Europe with African Studies programmes:
African Studies at University of Oxford (UK)
Centre for the Study of African Economics at University of Oxford (UK)
Institute of Development Studies at University of Sussex (UK)
Centre of African Studies at University of Edinburgh (UK)
Centre of African Studies at SOAS (UK)
African Leadership Centre at Kings College London (UK)
Warwick Law School Ethiopia Project (UK)
Africa Regional Interest Group at Durham University (UK)
African Studies Centre at University of Bradford (UK)
Institute for African Studies at Columbia University (USA)
Harvard’s Committee on African Studies (USA)
African Studies Centre at Michigan State University (USA)
African Studies Program at Ohio University (USA)
African Studies Center at Boston University (USA)
African and African Diaspora Studies at Boston College (USA)
African Studies at Johns Hopkins University (USA)
Center for African Studies at the University of Florida (USA)
African Studies Program at University of Wisconsin (USA)
Institute of African Studies at Emory University (USA)
Yale Council on African Studies (USA)
Institute of African Studies at Carleton University (Canada)
African Studies at University of Oregon (USA)
African Studies Center at University of Pennsylvania (USA)
The African Studies Centre at Leiden University (Netherlands)
The Nordic Africa Institute (Sweden)

There are a number of portals for African Research on the internet:
African Studies Resource at Columbia University Libraries (USA)
African Studies Internet Resource at Columbia University (USA)
ilissAfrica – Internet Library on sub-Saharan Africa at University of Frankfurt (Germany)
African Activist Archive at Michigan State University (USA)
Africa Desk – a portal for Africanist scholars in UK and Africa

African Academic Organisations
African Studies Association (ASA)
African Studies Association UK (ASAUK)
Royal African Society
African Studies on H-net
International African Institute
Observatoire de l’Afrique
Africa Research Students Network – a student-led organisation of research students working on Africa based across the University of London

Development Organisations
UK Department for International Development
US Agency for International Development
United Nations Development Programme
Overseas Development Institute
Chatham House
The Cherie Blair Foundation For Women
Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (Codesria)
Good Governance Africa
Panos London
London International Development Centre
World Bank
The Guardian’s Global Development site
Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative
African Economic Outlook
Amilcar Cabral Institute of Economic and Political Research
European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership
Partnership for African Social and Governance Research

Development Blogs
From Power to Poverty
Development Horizons

Other blogs or sites we like
African Arguments

Africa can…end poverty
Africa Gathering
Africa in Transition
Africa is a Country

Democracy in Africa
International Politics From the Margins
Justice in Conflict
Project Diaspora
Shelby Grossman
Survivors Fund

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