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13th May 2013: LSE Network Economy Conference – London

The programme and invitations have been distributed. Follow the conversation on twitter! #lsenef


Recent events

On Monday 25th March 2013 we held the 4th Network Economy Forum Workshop @ LSE. Read the summary of the event.

Read our available reports written by experts associated to the Network Economy Forum:

  • Linking of Microdata on ICT Usage by main authors Eva Hagsten et. al.
    This project is an exploration of the use and impact of ICT in the business sector. The analysis includes changes in market structures through increased dissemination of networked ICTs, and changes at the firm level through uses of more complex structures of ICT, including organisational capital, innovations and skills. The ESSLimit project  investigates ICT in dimensions not earlier available nationally or internationally.

On Friday 11th January 2013 we held the 3rd Network Economy Forum Workshop @LSE
The workshop programme has been distributed exclusively to invitees and followed Chatham House Rules as in our previous workshops. Read the summary of the event here.

Read our available reports written by experts associated to the Network Economy Forum:

    • ICT and Productivity in Europe and the US  by Kretschmer, Cardona and Strobel. The authors suggest that “the big advances in productivity in the USA have been mainly achieved by the extensive use of information and communications technologies”
    • Nonlinear pricing; self‐selecting tariffs and regulation by James Alleman, University of Colorado – Boulder, USA. Looking at various ICT pricing packages, the paper suggests how regulators should insert their influence in policy making. In particular, the paper suggest that “regulators should require ICT firms to be more transparent regarding their optional pricing packages.”