Dec 10 2013

The new business realities in the digital age: Jonathan Liebenau addresses opening keynote at #FT summit

FT_jonathanLiebenau3_dec2013On December 4 Jonathan Liebenau addressed the opening keynote of the FT Mobile Business Futures Summit. The half day event brought together leaders and senior executives from key sectors in the economy to discuss future opportunities and challenges that the age of mobility poses to organisations. The event also discussed how forward thinking industries use technology innovations to secure competitive advantage through productivity and optimisation, drawing on examples of current uses in retail, financial services, healthcare and media.

The new business realities in the digital age – How are business models changing as a result of innovation and mobility?  Jonathan’s keynote offered an academic view on what is changing, and what we may expect to see in the age of mobility. His presentation and photos of the event are available on the FT website.

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About the speaker

JLiebenauJonathan LiebenauLSE Management Department
Dr Jonathan Liebenau is a Reader in Technology Management, LSE. He Specializes in fundamental concepts of information, and the problems and prospects of ICT in economic development. Previously worked in academic administration, technology policy, and the economic history of science-based industry, all positions in which he has emphasised the use of information in organizations.  He is the author or editor of a dozen books and over 70 other major publications. He has provided consultancy services to leading companies and strategic government agencies, including Dell, BT, IBM, Microsoft, TCS, Nortel, EDS, Lloyd Thompson, and in the UK Government, the Office of Science and Innovation, the Department of Trade and Industry and the Home Office.

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