May 17 2013

The LSE Network Economy Conference was a success

On Monday 13 May we held a full-day Conference at the London School of Economics on the theme “The need for a revival of the European Telecom and Internet Sector: Policies and Business Strategy”. We had 20 speakers covering diverse aspects around the conference theme, and a vibrant audience of 70 people who attended the session and engaged with the discussions and debates. Participants included regulators, telecom operators, internet application firms, financial analysts, and academic researchers.

The Conference was structured around a number of sessions to reflect our previous three workshops on Infrastructure and the Internet held in November 2012, Service Delivery and economics of new Internet architectures held in January 2013, and the Regulatory Economics in new telecom markets, held in March 2013. In addition, in this Conference we discussed the impacts of cyberlaw for business models and the future of Internet. In our wrap-up session, we presented a summary and explored ways forward for the revival of the European telecom and internet sector.

Our report from the day will be out soon shortly. In the meantime, check out the contributions to our blog from some of the speakers of the conference, such as James Alleman, Director of Research at Columbia Institute of Tele-Information, Johannes Bauer, Professor Michigan State University, Mark Selby, Visiting Professor, University of Surrey, and the contributions from our team, Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood, Patrik Karrberg, and Jonathan Liebenau.

You can also read the conversation on twitter during the event.

We thank all our participants for their different contributions – insightful comments, speeches and food for thought. We look forward to seeing you in our next event! And stay tuned for our full report to be published here shortly.

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