Feb 7 2013

Read the summary of our 3rd Network Economy Forum @LSE

On Friday 11th January 2013 we held the 3rd Network Economy Forum Workshop @LSE. The workshop programme has been distributed exclusively to invitees and followed Chatham House Rules as in our previous workshops. Here, we summarise the main debates, questions and key point from the various keynote speakers that participated in the event.

Workshop summary Third LSE Network Economy Forum
11 January 2013

The third LSE Network Economy Forum addressed the theme “Digital Service Delivery with New Internet Architectures: Policy and Business Strategy Critiquing  Telecommunication Infrastructure and Business Models”. Among the 45 participants there were experts from regulators, telecom operators, internet application firms, financial analysts, and academic researchers. Our discussion was divided into sessions on policy and industry. As we follow Chatham House Rules, this summary will describe issues raised without attribution. The workshop was chaired by Dr Jonathan Liebenau, Reader in Technology Management.

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