Media and Diversity

The state of Hungarian media: Endgame

Hungary has been experiencing significant constitutional and institutional changes in the last seven years as Viktor Orban and his ruling party Fidesz cemented their political power by capturing the constitutional court and other key institutions. In parallel to the political capture of democratic institutions, media ownership became more and more concentrated in the hands of Orban and his close […]

Ensuring media diversity and plurality in Norway

In Norway, a government-appointed Commission on Media Diversity, focusing on citizens as media users, has recently published wide-ranging proposals to safeguard access to journalism at a time of significant turbulence and change. Here one of its members, Hallvard Moe, summarises the political context and the main recommendations of the Commission.

The Norwegian political system and the role of green papers

Norway has […]

Race and TV: Not So Black and White

New research reveals that Britain’s TV viewing is split along racial lines. In this blog for the Media Policy Project, Trevor Phillips OBE presents the findings of the research, arguing that the media has an important role to play in promoting racial integration and that the potential privatisation of Channel 4 would risk people of colour in Britain “losing […]